First half marathon of 2019

I completed my fourth Run Powai Run (RPR) marathon and my first half marathon of year 2019. This year I understand that there were 18000 participants that took part over different categories. The race was quiet and uneventful as usual.  I have also observed that generally the participants in RPR are very quiet and not vocal. I have not heard over the top voices screaming slogans like “Bharat mata ki jai”, “Jai Maharashtra” etc. nor motivational shrieking which goes like “Well done!”, “Keep it up!”, “Great running!” etc. This is also a way to perk up the mood and enjoy. I like to run quietly and is generally happy to not hear people shouting. However, I do agree that for some a motivational shrieking goes a long way to egg them on.  If you have volunteered to be a pacer you will need to pull out all the tricks to dangle a carrot in front of your team or followers to motivate them to cross the line within the time you are pacing. Being used to training on my own I consider myself a solo runner and that may be the reason why I brood when people start shouting and having fun. I suppose I am a focused runner with my own thoughts.  Yet I wonder is it not an anomalous behavior that the RPR participants are quiet compared to marathoners in other marathons. Is it to do with the participants, the location… will try to find an answer.

Presentation ceremony

Coming back to the run I must say I had a very different experience. I almost missed the run. I was late by a good 10 minutes from the scheduled race start time. I had to run almost 2kms to be at the start point in order not to be shut out from the race. I expelled some valuable energy even before the start of the race. Lesson here is to be at the start of the race well ahead of the scheduled start. Still I was happy I did participate and complete the run.  It also explains why everything was quiet for me at the beginning. I was almost the last participant off the blocks at the start. In a way it was a satisfying experience to run past all the slow runners which would have been the other way around when you start off with a bunch of strong runners in the beginning. The timing of 2.28 hours was not something great, nevertheless happy to have completed another half marathon and look forward too few more in 2019.

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    Great going!

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