Sugar land a sweet country side

I had the fortune of staying in Sugar Land, Texas for few months thanks to my job. Sugar land is a city in Fort Bend Country,Texas,USA. Sugar land is around 23 miles from downtown Houston. I enjoyed the neighborhood of Sugar land. It is a nice residential area to live.  It used to be settlements of sugar planters in the 18th and 19th century. It was gradually converted to residential housing and  incorporated as a city in 1959. Development since then has been of commercial and residential properties, including master-planned communities to appeal to upper middle-class and wealthier residents. Sugar Land is one of the most affluent and fastest-growing cities in Texas. Sugar land has the quintessential charm of a small town. There is a railway line crossing through the town. The railway line passing in front of the elegant but abandoned imperial sugar mill office building. The neighborhood has few community churches and schools for different ages.  There is also a university called the Houston University.

I used to go for some running around the neighborhood whenever I could get time in the evening or on weekend mornings. When it was not raining the weather always used to be perfect for running. The neighborhood was beautiful and running along the pathways in front of the beautiful cottages was always a pleasure. 

I did a half marathon on 28th January 2018 starting from Houston University called the Fort Bend Half marathon. It was a fun run and was glad to complete. It did not have the crowd and commotions associated with popular marathons.  Sugarland also boasted of quite a large number of restaurants. I was surprised to see many Indian restaurants. Now I understand that there are lot of Indians staying and working around Houston. I also saw an NBA match at the Toyota centre in downtown Houston between Sacramento kings and Houston Rockets. Houston rockets won the match to the delight of my friend who was from Houston and the one who took me to see the match. While I was in Sugarland I also visited the local zoo and the NASA. I will share my experience in NASA, Houston Zoo and Fort Bend Marathon in another article.

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